In 1978 I was honored to be one of seventeen, singers/songwriters/musicians to record a compilation album by gay/straight/feminist men on the Folkways Record label entitled "Walls to Roses: Songs of Changing Men". In 1987, The Smithsonian Institute realizing just how important the Folkway's Collection was and wanting to preserve it for future generations, purchased the entire Folkway's catalog, lock stock and barrel. "Brothers" and "The Sensitive Little Boy", two of the ten songs on the "Walls to Roses" album, are written and performed by me. I am a permanent part of The Smithsonian...could'ya die? Okay there are sound bite samples so you'll get your jollies listening to me almost 30 years ago.

One interesting hi-light, when the album was finished and debuted on a popular community radio station in Boston, one song was banned from radio play even by the most liberal of radio stations...

oh yes, it was one of mine, it was too 'gay'...could'ya die?
This album was how I came 'out' to my parents and they have lived long enough to take pride in that once shameful album...could'ya die? Now I can!
Peace and Pride,
Chris VonTanner
(a.k.a. Chris Tanner)